Fruits to Enhance Breast Size

breast enhancement fruits

Among several natural ways to enhance breasts, consuming fruits seems to be the safest and least expensive one. Following is a list of fruits that are high in estrogen commonly used to enhance breast size. Not only do those fruits help women get bigger breasts, but they also bring other benefits to the skin.


Cherries contain high fiber content that could help increase breast size. Estrogen in cherries also helps produce and regulate the levels of testosterone in a female body.


Tomatoes contain as much fiber content as cherries, but they are easier to find and less expensive.

Tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin C that is very useful in increasing estrogen levels in women.


Apples are high in estrogen and also contain fiber. A regular diet that includes apples will help boost your breasts. Moreover, apples also have a great amount of bromine which stimulates sex hormones for breast enlargement.


Grapes are high in bromine which can help produce sex hormones in the body. They also have a lot of vitamins like B, C, A, D, E, and K which lead to a firmer and smoother skin.

Peaches, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Raspberries

Peaches, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are fruits that provide the most levels of phytoestrogens – another hormone that plays a vital role in breast enhancement.

FAQs about Breast Enhancement Cream

breast enhancement pills

Beside breast enhancement pills, breast enhancement creams are another revolutionary that makes the job of improving breasts size simpler and easier than ever before.

What are breast enhancement creams?

Just like acne treatment creams or gels, breast enhancement creams are products from natural ingredients, chemicals and plant extracts that supposed to be used directly on the human body in order to improve, enlarge, lift, and enhance breasts size.

What are the ingredients of breast enhancement creams?

There is no standard formula for a breast enhancement cream product. The ingredients of breast enhancement creams vary depending on which brand it is. More often than not, they are all natural ingredients such as volufiline, biobustyl, soybean oil, glycerin… that have great impact on female hormones like estrogen and phytoestrogen. Those hormones play a key role in increasing those most beautiful organs of human body.

How to apply breast enhancement creams on the body?

Couldn’t be easier! Simply rub breast enhancement cream on the breasts till it is totally absorbed into the skin.

Do breast enhancement creams work?

More than 95% of the consumers reported positive feedbacks. To get the most out of breast enhancement creams, we strongly suggest that you firmly read the ingredients of a particular brand and do researches to ensure whether any of them has negative effects on you. As everyone is not the same, a product might be a good pal to someone but might potentially hurt others. Contact your doctor for your own safety.